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Welcome to Elevation’s debut album release. “Eternity,” the album’s title, reflects the timeless and transcendent nature of the vocal arts. The vocal arts, in all their myriad forms, have persisted through the ages—reflecting the human condition in times of joy, sorrow, conflict, and peace. Like a thread of “Eternity,” this unbroken chain of expression ties the past to the present and extends toward the future. It represents the timelessness of music, its universality, and its ability to speak to the human heart, regardless of era or culture.

“Eternity” encapsulates the boundless scope of the ensemble’s musical influences—from classical choral compositions by J.S. Bach, to poignant traditional spirituals, to contemporary pieces influenced by jazz, R&B, including a fresh setting of a text by hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur. By embracing these diverse genres, Elevation honors the past, participates in the present, and shapes the future of vocal arts, reflecting an eternal cycle of artistic creation and evolution.

Finally, “Eternity” mirrors the lasting impact that Elevation aims to have on its listeners and on the broader arts community. Through their performances, mentorship of apprentices, and support for arts educators, the ensemble seeks to create a legacy that endures—resonating throughout time, much like the beautiful, everlasting echoes of their voices.


-Arreon A. Harely-Emerson

CEO and Artistic Director

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